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Where To Buy The Outlander Series

Tick the Books You Want to Order from Amazon

A lot of people buy several episodes of the outlander series at once so that they've always got something to read. You can tick extra books below to add them to your amazon basket. 

1. Outlander
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2. Dragonfly in Amber
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3. Voyager
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   4. Drums of Autumn
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5. The Fiery Cross
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6. A Breath of Snow and Ashes
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7. An Echo in the Bone
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Other Sellers To Check Out

There are lots of great sellers on the internet. Two of our favorites are listed below. We're working on an add-to-cart system like the one above for Amazon but haven't managed to get the bugs ironed out quite yet.

  • Barnes And Noble - These guys are the largest non-internet bookseller in the United States (nowhere near the size of amazon on the internet). They stock the full Outlander series, along with more than a million other books. 
  • Audible.Com - If you've got a compatible audible player, Audible.Com can offer you fantastically-priced audiobooks - both abridged and unabridged. They've got a large part of the Outlander Series in unabridged form and the rest of it in abridged. They can't get an unabridged license for the abridged titles until an agreement expires that currently prevents the unabridged audiobooks being sold in competition with other versions. It's apparently due to expire sometime soon, though nobody seems to know exactly when.