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Little-Known Facts About Diana Gabaldon and The Outlander Series

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  • Scottish BagpipesDiana Gabaldon hadn't been to Scotland  before she released the first book in the series in 1991! She kept the novel a secret, writing it "for practice, in order to learn how". The cloak and dagger research and writing apparently made it hard to explain a sudden trip to Scotland.


  • Before she started writing fiction, Diana Gabaldon was a research professor. She has a Ph.D. in  Quantitative Behavioural Ecology. She also has an M.S. in Marine Biology and a B. S. in zoology.



  • "Gabaldon" is pronounced Gah-bull-dohn  (rhyming with "tone").


  • The film rights for Outlander have been optioned four times. The most recent option, owned by Essential Entertainment, has recently expired.  They're likely to arrange for it to be renewed. So far, there's no news as to when or whether an actual film will be at a cinema near you.


  • Despite family from New Mexico and Yorkshire (England), Diana Gabaldon has Celtic feet. What are Celtic Feet? According to The Sunday Times newspaper (United Kingdom), she waggled one at startled book festival attendees in 2002, by way of demonstration. Phyllis Jackson, a podiatrist and Amateur archaeologist, says they're longer, slimmer and have more level toe tips than English feet. The toe tips of English feet form a steeper angle than those of Celtic feet.


  • Diana Gabaldon's Father was a teacher and then a US Senator for 25 years.


  • The name "Jamie Fraser"  (the name of the male protagonist in the Outlander series) is partly inspired by  a character in a black and white Doctor Who episode that Gabaldon happened to see while looking for an era in which to set her novel. The Jacobite Scot,  "Jamie MacCrimmon" was one of the Doctor's companions in the episode. He was played by an actor called "Frazer Hines". Here's a video from a book festival where she explains how she arrived at the idea for the series and mentions the Doctor Who episode;


  • Later in 2010, the publishers Del Rey will be releasing a comic book based in the Outlander world. It's called, "The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel" with art by Hoang Nguyen and story by Diana Gabaldon


  • As of January 2010, there were 18 million copies of the Outlander Books in print.


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