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Outlander Series - What The Critics Say

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We spent ten times longer searching for negative reviews of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series than we did for positive ones. Despite this, it was hard to find many. Here are quotes from all the reviews we could find both positive and negative. The smiley faces  indicate the tone of each review.


 "Stunning!" - Los Angeles Daily News
 "Gabaldon is a born storyteller." - Los Angeles Daily News
 "Absorbing and heartwarming...lavishly evokes the land and lore of Scotland." - Publishers Weekly

 "A satisfying treat, with extra scoops of excitement and romance that make up for certain lapses in credibility." - Kirkus Reviews

 "Great fun ...marvellous and fantastic adventures, romance, sex ...perfect escape reading!" - San Francisco Chronicle
 "Marvellously entertaining ... A page-turner of the highest order and a good read from start to finish." - Chattanooga Times

Dragonfly in Amber

 "A judicious blend of history and romance...proves that, regarding talent, Diana Gabaldon is light-years ahead of her romance-novelist colleagues." - Daily News , New York
 "A most entertaining mix of history and fantasy whose author, like its heroine, exhibits a winning combination of vivid imagination and good common sense." - Kirkus Reviews
 "This imaginative novel suffers somewhat from the author's overuse of personification... and her confusing switches between the two first-person narrations... But Outlander's readers will still devour this hefty volume without complaint." - Library Journal
 "Diana Gabaldon is a born storyteller.... The pages practically turn themselves" - Arizona Republic
 "A triumph! A powerful tale layered in history and myth. I loved every page." - Nora Roberts, New York Times best-selling author
 "Compulsively readable." - Publishers Weekly


 "Triumphant conclusion to the time-travel trilogy she began with Outlander" - Publishers Weekly
 "Although this latest volume lacks some of the scope and grandeur of the previous two, her use of historical detail and a truly adult love story confirm Gabaldon as a superior writer of historical romance." - Publishers Weekly
 "Fans will savour this hefty tome's conscientious tying up of loose ends--but Claire's uncharacteristic passivity throughout and the book's overreliance on convention are unlikely to draw new readers." - Kirkus Reviews
 "...a big one, luxuriantly detailed and featuring highly appealing characters and an authentic feel to the background that speaks well of her research and writing." - Booklist
 "An amazing read" - Arizona Tribune

Drums of Autumn

 "Unforgettable characters...richly embroidered with historical detail...I just can't put it down." - Cincinnati Post
 "Drums of Autumn is Diana Gabaldon at her finest and most mesmerizing." - Affaire de Coeur
 "Passionate...remarkable—a mix of history, fantasy, romance and unabashedly ribald storytelling." - Arizona Republic
 "Gabaldon has few rivals in writing exciting - and hefty - historical romances... Her legion of fans will love diving into this ocean of romance." - Publishers Weekly
 "Gabaldon truly delivers." - Library Journal (Rebecca Sturm Kelm)
 "Wonderful....this is escapist historical fiction at its best." - San Antonio Express-News

The Fiery Cross

 "A word-of-mouth cult success and a publishing phenomenon." - Kitchener-Waterloo Record
 "The story seems somewhat rambling and obscure, and also, at 979 closely printed pages, physically uncomfortable (at least in hardback) to read. But I am hooked enough to go back to the beginning of the "Outlander Series"" - The Daily Telegraph (United Kingdom)
 "Leaving out the history, the time-travel and fantastical subplots, the wit and irony, battles and heroes and villains, what will keep loyal readers and attract new is this fine portrait of two immensely admirable and interesting characters." - London Free Press
 "Addictive in the extreme." - Toronto Star

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

 "One of the things that sets Gabaldon apart from other romance writers is exhaustive research of the times in which her characters live, so evident in her attention to period detail…. plot lines and stand-alone yarns are expertly woven together with the overall theme of impending doom and the question of predetermination." - The Toronto Star

 "Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s popular Outlander series have another rousing historical-science-fiction-romance novel to savour in A Breath of Snow and Ashes…. For fans, this book is another slam-dunk hit. It’s a massive, long-lasting source of entertainment." - The Gazette (Montreal)

 "Gabaldon's ability to invoke the heroic and the harrowing writ large, while also creating moments where you dare not take a breath for fear of missing something tiny and fine, is her hallmark." - Booklist

An Echo in the Bone

 "All you’ve come to expect from Gabaldon . . . adventure, history, romance, fantasy.” - The Arizona Republic
 "Too many characters, too many story lines, too many centuries – Diana Gabaldon's newest novel is just too much for the newcomer." - The Globe and Mail (the reviewer hadn't read the previous books in the series)
 "While this isn't the best of the series, it's still delightful." - AudioFile (review of the audiobook version of An Echo In The Bone)


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