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About Us

Who are we?

By day, we're a small book-selling company in England called Byfield Good Books Ltd. By night, we put on rubber super-hero costumes, stop people in the street and try to convince them to read more because reading is one of the best ways to improve your model of how the world works. The better that model, the better your real-life decisions and the more fantastic things happen to you in the real world.

If you need to get in touch, you can find our contact details here.

Why did we start this website?

Our reasons were two-fold;

Firstly, our book-buying customers sometimes ask about the best order in which to read a book series they're interested in starting. We've thought it was often harder than it needed to be to find this info on the internet. If this website saves people a few mouse clicks then we'll be puffing our chests out in pleasure.

Secondly, by now, you've probably realised that we think books are wonderful. Part of this is because they condense wisdom that it may have taken authors a lifetime to acquire. Great fiction often results from writers having wrung every last meaningful drop of experience from their lives. On top of that, discovering a whole new world in a new book is fun. We think you should find something new and enchanting to read today.

Yes, that means you. Have a click around. You never know what you might find.